Rant #1: Dag Jarass


Almost a year ago, I ventured into the realm of social media and I’ve been an avid follower of blogs, tweets, discussions, conferences and so forth for a simple reason really, to help me better voice myself.

Part of voicing is also ranting.


Most of the Sudanese I know online are either blogging or tweeting about Sudan along with other issues of their interest, myself included. Yet what i realized is that we complain. We complain about being marginalized by the regional and international media, we complain that Arabs don’t love us, we complain the Africans don’t like us, we complain the Americans are conspiring against us..we complain about every damn thing. Guess what? No one give a bloody damn about us. This is the reality that we live in and i can say one thing; suck it up.

My epiphany

My father always told me that a good education is the only key for a better life. A better life for me is simply a better Sudan. The only question that comes to mind is that what can we do in the digital age to help our country?  We write of course, we tweet, we take advantage of the platform we have in front of us but most importantly we need to ‘engage’  with each other.  We need to share the realities of what we see and we need to resolve our problems on our own. We need to simply utilize whatever means we have available.

We do not need to hate on others nor do we need to demand  15 minutes of spot light.

To bring an end to this rant, i vow never to complain or to whine about Sudan not getting anything anymore. The responsibility is mine  and yours Sudani. I offer space on this blog to anyone to say anything they want.

Sudaniya Daga Jarass


3 responses to “Rant #1: Dag Jarass

  1. I agree with you. Most of our problems in modern Sudan are our own made to blame no one but our selves & failure to cop with our diversities.Since independence all the governments did nothing but stupid policies that create the miss now we are suffering . I am afraid we are not going to exist as one Sudan any more in the near future we are crawling back to Pre-Turkey Sudan with scattered tribal states .I think as Mansor Khalid wrote we addicted to failure .

    • | understand what you mean. Look at the bigger picture, we did not fail yet! The generations before us did not know how to cope with the realities they lived in nor could they grasp the idea that they have failed. Be optimistic, the future is in our hands and life will be better – at least this how i help myself sleep at night.

  2. Just being pedantic here.. but this is rant #1.. and then you promise to not rant anymore? 🙂

    On a serious note, we will continue to whine and complain about different things. It’s only human. As a nation, we’re not taken very seriously. To the Arabs, we’re that guy who only calls when he needs cash. And he always needs cash. It is no wonder they don’t take us seriously.

    But generally, the more voices that come out from Sudanese people on the international arena, be it through social or mainstream media.. it is a good thing.

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