Project Sudaniya – blog of the people

Almost a month a go i initiated Project Sudaniya, which initially started off as a personal project and a way for me to research more on Sudanese women. Over the course of the month Sudaniya was picked up fast and there are a lot of bloggers, tweeps, photographers who have begun working on their contribution to Sudaniya.

Blog of the people

After much encrouagment from fellow Sudanese tweeps, bloggers and friends, I have created a new and separated blog for Project Sudaniya. So now it part of us all! I will be managing it, so keep the posts coming in people. I would like to take this importunity to say that this Project is not only about celebrating Sudanese women but it is celebrating everything that is about Sudanese women. So, feel free to be innovative and write in what ever you know how but most importantly tell us why you chose your Sudaniya.

I look forward to all submissions.

Tahiyat min wahda Sudaniya


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