Around a month ago


Its been almost a month since the Media studies program at AUB, hosted the Arab-US association of communication educators conference 2011. This post has been delayed due to midterm season and unexpected trip, nevertheless i must give my two pennies. Before i do, i must admit i could not attend all the sessions so what you read is what i got out of it.

If your an activist, a social media believer, blogger, educator or simply a person who has recently taken an interest in the events of the Arab springs. There are people to follow and blogs to read that are interesting, that are challenging the system and are casting a different light on mainstream media. I wished however if more Arab bloggers, tweeps, activist and educators  could have participated nevertheless I had the opportunity to meet prominent people who are giants in their respective field. Ranging from prominent Arab women journalists such as Professor Rasha Abdullah, Rula Amin and Alia Ibrahim. To Professor Matt Duffy a professor of Journalism based in the UAE (@mattjduffy) to Elza Ibroscheva who basis her research on how social media breeds hate. It is unfortunate however, that the work of many educators works is not online or at least not publicly.  I really have nothing negative to say about the conference or its participants per se but one remark, is that many of the comparative studies were between the Unites States versus a MENA country rather than MENA versus another MENA country. Anyways, be sure to see the full list of speakers who participated on the AUSACE  page.
Here is my short short list of who is who and who to follow:
  1. Sultan Al-Qassemi is an entrepreneur, columnist, and blogger. He often writes in the New York Times, the Guardian and also local newspapers such the National Newspaper based in the UAE but what really hiked his followers on twitter from 7,000 to a almost 85,000 were his instant tweets and translations on the Egyptian Revolutions. Follow him on Twitter @SultanAlQassem
  2. Sami Ben Gharaba is a Tunisian blogger, the co-founder of Nawwat, a Tunisian collective blog that covers topics about news and politics. Last but no least he is the Advocacy Director at Global voices, an international community of blogger who report on blogs and citizen media. Follow him on Twitter @ifikra
  3. Dana Priest is a renowned journalist working for the Washington Post. She is also a recipient of two Pulitzer prize in 2006 and 2008 for the Other Walter Reed and Top Secret America respectively which are both a must read.
  4. Shakeeb Al-Jabri, better known LeShaque on twitter is an outspoken Syrian activist who tweets everything #Syria. Be sure to check out Street Inc, his Unrest watch website as he calls it.
  5. Andy Carvin likes to describes himself at the “Social media at NPR“, other then that, he is known to have ‘tweeted the revolution’ in Egypt. Great to follow on twitter @acarvin since his blog has been inactive but take a look anyways.
  6. Marwan kraidby is a Professor of Global Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania and the Edward Said Chair of American Studies at the American University of Beirut. He gave an interesting presentation on Arab television and Media, it is worth looking at his published work.

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