Is Social Media Changing Lives?

I am happy to announce that the Online Collabrative Club (OC) at the American University of Beirut is hosting its second annual conference titled: Social Media Changing Lives.

Aside being a member of the club and promoting the conference, i encourage all social media fanatics, bloggers, tweeps or those who now have developed an urge to know more about social media to attend!

The conference it self is about how social media is changing fields such as education, culture, business, media and journalism, music and art, NGOs, politics, religion, human rights, science, the environment and even personal lives of everyone who is using them.

Who is coming?

Other then the awesome team that makes up OC, here are some

  1.   The British Ambassador to Lebanon, HMA Tom Fletcher – How Twitter can change diplomacy
  2. Riham Kowatly from Be7ke – Inspiring youth online.
  3. Esraa Haidar – A hijab with a voice
  4. Aliaa Al Zeiny (A friend and a fellow political science major) – Human right and Arab women


  1. Social Media influencing political decisions with panelists Marina Chamma, Shakeeb El-Jabri, Nadine Mouwad and Assaad Thebian. Moderated by yours truly.
  2. Food Science & Nutrition Controversies on Social Media  withCynthia Bu Jawdeh, Loulwa Kalache (Awesome blog. Check it out!) and Patricia Moghamed. All are  Food and Nutrition Bloggers and Masters Candidates in AUB’s Nutrition and Food Science Department.

That’s not all

Many other speakers are also attending the conference plus a little bit of entertainment in between sessions and at the end. Musicians include Poly,Anthony Touma, Lazy Lung and Episode. Check out the schedule and it is still not to late to register, , please do so after you finish reading this!

Things to remember

WHERE: Issam Fares auditoriam (See map below)

WHEN: Friday December 16, 2011

Plus, stay tuned for LIVE tweets @AUB_OC #SMCL



See you all there!


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