Sudan 56 years ago

Sudan 1956

Sudan declared independence on this very day  56 year ago.

But, have we gained independence?

We thought with independence, we would  gain true freedom, equality, human rights and a chance to realize all the dreams our forefathers dreamed for our beloved Sudan.

In 56 years, Sudan has gone through a civil war, turmoil, drought, famine and recently a secession.

Millions have died unnecessary , millions displaced, millions go to bed hungry every night. There are millions of individuals who need not to have gone through  all of this.

All could have been avoidable.

Sudan 2011

2011, was year that marked a permanent and, i believe, an irreversible change. A change that was inevitable when one looks back at Sudan’s modern history. Two dates will always come to mind when thinking of 2011, January 9,2011 and July 9,2011. The former, being the date of the historical referendum that would later mark the latter date that will be known as the independence of South Sudan.

Apart from these two dates, Sudan has also witnessed  several memorable events, mostly unfortunate one and also Sudani people that might go unmarked in Sudanese history but defiantly need to be highlighted,

  • The creation of the mini Ka’aba to train pilgrims for Hajj.
  • Blue Nile state turmoil 
  • Mohamed Hassan ‘Alboshi’, is a man that deserves acknowledgment beyond this post. If you have been following local events closely, you might have seen his famous speech/rant he gave at the university of Khartoum. Here is a great one on one interview with Alboshi, who was recently incarcerated by security intelligence.  He said nothing but the truth of the reality our country is facing, the difference is that he the guts to say it.
  • The detention of Abdelmoniem Rahma, a poet and political activist.
  • Kasalaa protests 
  • Manaseer protests that is still ongoing and growing stronger
  • Khartoum University recent protests
  • The death of Khalil Ibrahim 

My recommendations of Sudanese bloggers 2011 [to follow]

Sudan 20–

When i started off this entry, I was pessimistic because the year was full of turmoil, inconsistency and avoidable unfortunate incidences. However, when i look at all these small events, they accumulate to something…a long awaited change.

I believe that certain events need to happen to make way for better things. I’d like to end this post with an optimistic tone, a tone of hope for a better Sudan for the future generations to come. Let, 2012, be a year that we Sudani feel proud, stand united and overcome our troubled past.

Be inspired by the Intifada’s that have swept the region from Tunis to Yemen, allow Sudan to experience similar changes.  Most importantly, let us engage and bring change and not be bystanders as our country slowly goes into unmarked territory.

Perhaps, 2012, will mark our true independence.

كل عام وأنت بخير يا بلدي الحبيب

*Note: Set Alchay, also wrote a blog entry on Sudanese events 2011 – in Arabic – check it out.


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