Sudan ’13: Find your inner patriotism

Independence flag


It’s been 57 years since independence for Sudan and true independence has not been realized, yet. Nevertheless, I feel 2011 was an eventful year that provoked the youth to take the lead, march into the streets of Khartoum and demand a change in the regime. Now most of the protests were not successful but it shed light on the true dynamics of the authoritarian regime that came in to power almost 24 years ago. It has also reflected that patience is running low among us- Sudanese, whether they be in Sudan or in diaspora.

2012 also brought back the long lost voices of Sudanese, they speak openly now with courage and with their country at heart, this voice was long suppressed by GoS through various means. These voices found themselves often imprisoned without probable cause, tortured, trapped in mosques, hunted down streets or even dragged out of their house at ungodly hours. Nevertheless, they spoke out and this makes me optimistic and hopeful for Sudan, but also pushed me to follow in their footsteps. I hope you too, can say the same.

Final message

The reality is that there is nothing to celebrate, there is no independence, nothing concrete and tangible, but this day should be marked each year as a reminder to work and strive for what we want. We should find the patriotism within ourselves, the motivation to realize the goals we set, not only for Sudan, but for ourselves and the future generations.

I wish 2013 to be Sudan’s year, I wish it to be another 1985, I wish to take back our country from those who have tarnished it’s history, drowned our economy, stripped us of our God given rights but most importantly have divided our country and bred hatred.

These are my humble thoughts, think of them what you want. I refuse pessimism to co-exist with Sudan and have no tolerance to self-hating Sudanese…find your place elsewhere. To those who have been putting yourself out there, I salute you and salute your courage. You have contributed to Sudan’s history and you will without doubt, be marked down for your contributions.

I leave you with Sayid Khalifa…



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