22.10. 2011


Lebanon is a difficult country to live in sometimes  but the experience you gain is worth it. A country that has been torn by a bloody civil war, sectarianism and political imbalances, but once in a while  you meet people, you see things and you feel Lebanon has a chance, a better chance in doing something great.

Different inspirations, events and people have pushed me to start this page. Like i started this blog on the basis of sharing, enlightenment and reaching out to others, I also want this to be a connection between my two parallel worlds; Sudan, my homeland and Lebanon, my home away from home.

I am starting with something simple, an introduction to those none Lebanese people.

Where do we go now?

I went to the screening of, ” Where do we go now?” ( وهلّأ لوين؟ )  another great film (See Caramel ) by Lebanese director Nadine Labki. The film was simply one of the greatest Lebanese directed movies I have seen recently, it combines humor, drama, love, loss and the reality of what sectarianism is in some villages in Lebanon.This unnamed village fought off sectarian lines and when things got rough, the village women conspired to break free from this vicious cycle that only brought death and hatred amongst Muslims and Christians.

I leave you with this for now. Enjoy, laugh and cry, the movie in a twisted way tells a simple story.

With love, Sudaniya min Beirut



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